Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm missin my little guy.

I must admit, I'm reeeeaaaally missing my kiddo's at the elementary school where I worked the last few months. My sweet lil client Preston was sick the last few days so I didn't even get to say goodbye! The worst part about leaving is I know he won't miss me. In fact, because of his mental condition, he probably won't even notice I'm gone and that someone new is there. Goodness I love that little boy so much. I think I should ask his parents to leave custody of him to me in their will. Just in case.

Just look at that lil face, with that adorable concerned expression that he is always sporting... He is truly a gift. By far the sweetest boy I've ever met.
I'm sad I'm gonna miss him growing up. Just look at Conner, he was my client last year and he changed SO much in 9 months!

Out of all the hard things this job entails, by far the most difficult thing is trying to not fall in love with the kids, and being able to let them go when you leave. Boo. Ryan jokes that this job is God's way of prepping us with a mentally challenged child. Is it wrong that I hope he's right? Because that would be quite the blessing if I do say so myself. These kids bring a purity that is unmatched by anyone else and I love it. 
Extra/missing chromosomes: bring it on!


  1. Such a beautiful post. I agree with you, these kids have an unmatched purity and are so lovable!

  2. aw! i will dearly miss the children from the school i volunteer at as well.

  3. I worked with ID adults for a while. They're not quite as much fun as the kids, but some of them are so wonderful. I also worked at an elementary school last year. My favorite student had OCD, ADHD, and Turrets syndrome. He was such a blessing in my life. I have a photo of him and I that just warms my heart. It's on my bedroom wall at home. Maybe I'll share it on my blog. =)


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