Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day Daddy-o!

Hey Dad, 
It's Fathers Day. 
I didn't get you a tie, or a can of mixed nuts... In fact I didn't really get you anything.

But, I'm getting good grades, have a (fairly) clean driving record, I've never had a tattoo or hangover, I'm a virgin, and I'm marrying the man of your my dreams :)

That counts for something right?
Thank you for taking care of me, fine-tuning my car without me asking, supporting me always, and teaching me to swim without letting me flounder (figuratively speaking). 

You work so hard and have lived on 4 hours of sleep a night ever since I can remember. You let me live through my teenage years, and have always taken care of me.

I made you a card :)

( I wrote it with my left hand... authentic right? ;)

I Love you Daddy!!!!
Happy father's day to the best father ever!

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  1. Cute card! Happy Father's Day to your Dad, Valerie. He must be so proud of you :)


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