Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spokane Sweet Spokane.

So this last weekend Ryguy and I trecked it back up to Washington to take care of some wedding things. I bought a wedding dress! It went a little something like this:

Girl finds dress online she loves.
Girl has bridal store find out if they have it. 
They do! ... In a size too large and 2 sizes too small....
Store calls distributor to send correct size.
There are none of that dress in girls size. anywhere.
Girl goes to local store and tries on same dress in size too large.
Girl decides to order dress and pay an arm and leg for alterations.
Store in Spokane orders dress.
Girl goes to try dress on and purchase. 
Dress fits like a glove.

How on earth is that possible? 2 ways: 
1. I ate too many treats at the bridal shower that morning.
2. Dress was in fact my size and was mis-labled  by manufacturer.
Some say coincidence. I say Miracle!

Additionally, I had a FAB-U-LOUS bridal shower with the women that watched me grow up, and I ordered our invitations. I tell you what, whoever said weddings were stressful didn't know what they were talking about... All I've been burdened with so far is beautiful gifts and tasty treats! (knock on wood!!!)

Here are some pictures of the gorgeous shower, and the INCREDIBLE women I've been blessed to have be a part of my life!

 My girlies just so happened to be visiting from school for the weekend!!!
 mmmmm... SO YUMMY. (These are probably the reason I gotta start running again!)

 So many wonderful gifts!

 And a super cute face for
 your viewing pleasure....
Here's all my adopted mommas 

And I'm kinda obsessed with those giant balloons as of..... NOW.

And here is the incredible lady that pulled it all together! (with my momma, yet another incredible lady in my life!)

Weddings are wonderful for many reasons, but I think what I've loved about it the most is the way it draws people together. Those of your past, present, and future.  You really see how large your support circle is, even if you've never really noticed it before. As the Bridal shower was coming to a close, one of the women pulled me aside to confirm to me that in this room were a small handful of women that cared about me, (not to mention trusted me with babysitting their kids!) and were those that I could call on if I needed ANYTHING. I guess I've always known that, but with all the changes that are coming up, that really resonated deeply. (Ladies, consider yourselves warned! If somethings a-creakin in the middle of the night, one of you are getting a midnight wake up call!!!)

I am truly blessed.

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