Friday, July 20, 2012

Packing one stage of life and onto another.

Buried alive.
I love packing about as much as I love a slowing healing scab.
ya catch my drift?
Someone can come dig me out in a few days.  

I'm packing up my life, and moving on to the next stage: Mawwiage. woah.
California here I come!


  1. word of advice. make sure you KNOW where you packed your wedding shoes...if in fact you pack them somewhere...Night before the big day packing up a few last minute things, and BAM my shoes somehow got packed in a box. Causing me to not have my shoes but shoes I grabbed in a frustrated, upset, fury. True story. So excited for you Valerie!!

  2. WOOHOO!!!! You are going to be a gorgeous bride!!

  3. Cute blog!! (:

    I'm excited for you! Hope you survive the packing stage - eeeeew.


  4. i love your blog. it is utterly adorable.


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