Monday, August 27, 2012

Just Married

Dang. The world can really change in 3 weeks (at least mine has)! I go, get married, honeymoon, and I'll tell you what, a lot can change if you take a break from blogging. During the break ya win some and you lose some, but hopefully big and great changes are in the near future! You liking the makeover the blog is getting? It's a working progress... Anywho, I'll spare you the mushy details and rather sum up my last few weeks in a series of pictures:

First a few details:

The INCREDIBLE Cake made by a woman in my ward. Uh-mazing, the lady traveled with Wilton. It's so pretty, we haven't even eaten it yet! Permanent center piece? I think yes.

  Our grand exit from the temple!

The Braun brawl. (minus Coco)
Can't touch this.


There's my sister Coco... or her body at least (hehehe)

A few beach bridals...

And as we left, upon the request of my birthday boy brother, we sang a quick song. 
(disclaimer, I am no singer by any stretch of the imagination! So don't get your hopes too high!)

Aaaand a  special THANK YOU to my momma(s) for making everything so beautiful, and to my photographer, the incredible Shelley Mcmakin of ellieasher photography!
She's kind of my favorite.

Shelley's full and beautifully written post can be found here with extra pictures.
Without further ado, enjoy!


  1. congrats! looks like a beautiful wedding. So glad I found your blog. Stop by sometime

  2. Um, can I say hello to you! I am new to your blog and I absolutely LOVE this blog!!!
    Congrats on getting married - it looks like it was a simply GORGEOUS DAY!

    Looking forward to being blogging friends!


    ps. I am offering free sponsorship for the month of September, and I was wondering if you'd be interested...

  3. congratulations on your marriage! The pictures are beautiful!

  4. Congratulations! These photos are stunning! And it looked like a beautiful wedding. :)

  5. Just beautiful! Every detail is perfect, absolutely love your dress and Coco's dress! And the beautiful cake.




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