Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wanna know the truth?

Fake eyelashes are awesome.
If you are a trichtimaliac, a little annoying. ( I for one, cannot go a day without touching/pulling out eyelashes... it's an issue)

I got them for my wedding, feeling that after all the hard work of being waited on hand and foot, and getting the wedding of my dreams, I deserved a little indulging :)

And it was awesome.

Now you know my secret, I'm a fake.
But seriously, my make up routine was cut in half and I woke up feeling like Kim Kardashian!

But here's the harsh truth. 
All good things come to an end.
Those lil lashes started falling out in chunks. BIG chunks, and taking my sweet natural eyelashes with them. What was I left with? After I was tired of looking like a drag queen too poor to afford her falsies, I gently pulled the sad remains out.

The following image may disturb you, please proceed with caution. Intended for mature eyes only...

Behold.... my pathetic wisps of eyelashes.

(cue music from "Psycho" ...weee weee weeee!)

I never knew how luscious my natural eyelashes were until they were half gone!
Now I'm Eyelash-less.

I look like a newborn and am NOT a happy camper about it.

Good thing my husband already married me, he's stuck for life :) Muahahahahah!

Next time you consider some temporary falsies, don't say I didn't warn you!

Now it's back to the books, this girl has homework. 

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  1. Homework is the worst. Anyways, I have been considering getting eyelash extensions, but they are so expensive!! Yours look really good though, I'm not a fan of the huge-n-fake-obvious ones. Why does college cost so much? Don't universities know us ladies need to keep up our appearance?!?!

    Obviously I've lacked human interaction today.

    - - - - -


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