Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Au Natural

We went to Utah a few weekends ago and stayed with my health-conscious aunt, who informed me of all sorts of healthy tricks, the first of which is that almonds are a fat absorbing food

Well... isn't this convenient since I LOVE almonds! She bought fresh ground almond butter and I was hooked from the start.
I remembered that the Vitamix we so generously received for our wedding just so happened to have the capabilities of grinding nut butter, so the wheels in my noggin began turning.

Feeling ever so empowered, I gave it a try.

And it was DANG good. 
Very healthy tasting, but I like that!

Not only that, this stuff was thicker than molasses in Alaska. You could literally cut it with a knife. I recommend eating it warm! SO good.

On a side note, may I just toot my own horn and say how in love with that little petal bowl I am!? You can see more of these ceramic creations for sale here!

I've had a few people asking for the recipe... are you ready for this?
Almond butter:

Yep, that's it. I will admit I did add a little Veggie oil because mine was so dang thick. I know, i am ashamed. But all the same, it was yummy.

Wait, you made this in a blender? I don't believe it.
I know, me neither. I like to pretend I'm this wicked-legit home maker when really I'm not. It may be something you just have to see to believe:

Oh, and another little tidbit of information for all you extreme coupon-er wannabees like me, if you e-mail Blue Diamond Almond company and compliment them on their products with a request for coupons, they will mail you 6 coupons for Almond milk, almond products and so on. I know, It's like Christmas! You can thank me later :)

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