Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY Modest Dress Alteration

I was brought up with a strong sense of modesty in the way I dress, act and speak. I remember one time in third grade I wore a tank top under my sweater and took the sweater off when I got to school. I was kind of a rebel back in the day.
As much as I love the standards I was taught, I'll admit that their are certain styles I cannot embrace, and that from time to time clothes shopping can be a bit of a challenge (Pregnant women of the world, scoff at the amateur haha).
Because of this, I'd like to think I've become fairly crafty with my clothes because 1. They usually have to be tweaked to cover the goods, and 2. I'm cheap-o and rarely buy new clothes.
Now, you may notice that I don't (or won't in the future) wear clothes that do not quite reach my knee, or cover my shoulders,  hide my rock hard abs, and hide my lady assets. This is not only because of the way I was raised, but also because since I was married I have begun wearing religious garments under my clothes. Yea, those white things ABC so rudely showed on television in their Truth about Mormons broadcast They are sacred and typically we keep them covered.

With that being said, when I run across thecutestdressever, or that shirtiwanttokissasmuchaswear kind of articles of clothing, I can find myself pretty distressed if they don't cover the necessities.
Alas, I have a solution for that just-a-liiiittle-too-short dress!
Please, hold the applause. But not really. haha

So I was shopping and ran across this adorable dress on sale for... wait for it.... $5! Naturally, I had to have it. Juuuust one problem. Actually two: No sleeves, and too short. 
The no sleeves thing is easy. Throw on a cardi, or wear a shirt under and you're good to go.

Here is the picture before, showing off a little too much leg for my taste...
In order to combat this issue, I tried a few lil tricks:
1. I folding the dress straps down to make is a skirt and then held it up with a belt -->

But when that didn't satisfy me...
2.  I whipped out the scissors, and old wife beater I never wear and lengthened the dress by cutting off the straps of the wife beater and sewing it onto the original straps.
 As I'm sure you can imagine, it created the scoop neck of all scoop necks and CANNOT be worn without an undershirt, but seeing as I wear one all the time anyways, that was no problem for me.

If all those don't work, you can always:

3. Add a little extra fabric to the bottom.

The best part is you really don't need any background in sewing to pull any of these off.
I'm sure there's more but there you have it.
Now go! And shop fearlessly!


  1. I NEED those shoes! So cute, where did you get them!?

  2. haha big changes to the model..she looks great and beautiful after the dress she wear was altered.

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