Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today was Halloween?

I have to admit, I almost forgot it was halloween until I walked out of a class and saw the Statue of Liberty, a Ninja Turtle, and a giant flamingo pass me on the way to work. At first I was all "Okay weirdies..." and then I realized "oh wait... it is Halloween." The funny thing is, even if it was not a holiday, I wouldn't put it past you. Sorry for my quick judgement.

Halloween is sort of a weird thing here is Rexburg. Though the towns population really is 50% or more college students, it is typically mild and scattered with goofy costumes and very little shenanigans. With this being the case though, I doubt we will get many trick-or-treaters this year. With my neighborhood being almost all young married college students, I'm was pretty sure the only trick-or-treaters to make their way to our humble caul-de-sac would be the occasional 2 year old dressed as the pillsbury dough boy beneath all of his coats and sweaters.

This was our halloween as a married couple! Supa presh right?! Really, the point I'm getting at is that this is the first year I coordinated costumes with someone! The anticipation is killing you I know, with all of the possibilities, what genius costume did me and the hubs come up with?!

Drum roll pleeeeaaaase!

Road kill. Hecka yes. We're classy as they come.

Saturday we went to a lil Halloween party with some friends, carved pumpkins and ate to our tummies delight. I made 7-layer bean dip and with a little bit of food coloring created a little grave yard, I know, I've just really out done myself this time! haha

But Let's be honest, yummy, easy, and seasonal. Can't beat that. All it was is refried beans, salsa, chopped lettuce, corn, sour cream and cheese. Mine was not even seven layers! Wham, bam, uncle Sam, you've got dip.

Ryan and I planned on going out with friends tonight to celebrate the festivities but earlier in the day I could feel a head cold coming on... We went home and took a nap and woke up at, oh, 8 o'clock. That was the second I realized we were probably one of those lame couples that don't do anything and flake on our friends to be boring. Whoops. haha I do say though, this takes the cake for most relaxing Halloween ever and I am not one bit upset that I'll have to eat this trick or treating candy for dinner. Nope, not one bit.

With all that being said happy Dia de Muerto you ghosts and ghouls! 

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