Saturday, October 6, 2012

What's the deal with Mormons?

There's two things you just don't really bring up with people who may believe differently than you about certain topics and is a pretty big taboo in the blog world; religion and politics.
With that being said, I'm about to live on the edge a little and do it.

I just have a few thoughts about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints AKA Mormons.

Mormons have been in the news a lot lately haven't they? What with the CNN documentary meant to delve into the secrets of the Mormon church and with one candidate for presidency being of that faith (like that really matters or something...) I'd say the Mormon church is getting a wee bit of media attention.

The musical "The Book of Mormon" sadly has become a broadway hit, making a mockery and crude comedy of the beliefs that we hold so dear, not to mention the limitless anti-mormon literature and articles all over the web. CNN chose to show the religious garments that are wear under our clothes, which though they are not some weird secret, are very sacred and showing them was a little disrespectful. (Not to mention they chose the most unflattering grandma style of them to show! haha like really? No wonder people think we're weird.) 
It's silly really to feel so hated sometimes simply for what you believe. Anyone who has been discriminated against for anything they believed in whether it be religion, race, political standing or sexual orientation knows what I'm talking about.  Why is it that the islamic faith get a formal apology for any offenses from the president of the United States yet Hilary Clinton herself is reported to be laughing and having a great time in the audience of a musical mocking LDS missionaries. I don't know. It's just weird to me. 

So... do you wanna know the truth? 
From a Mormon? 

All of our religions "secrets" are not secrets. They are merely sacred to us. We do not hold them from anyone, because everyone is welcome to hear what we believe. We believe in the Bible. We believe is Jesus Christ and his restored gospel. We believe in a lot of traditional values that most Christians share. 
I'm married and have attended the temple. 
It's not weird. 
Like any religion, we hold our temples and the teachings within them sacred, but they are not secretive. We don't sacrifice goats, or have to stand naked in front of anyone, or eat our first born children (yea, I've actually heard that one.) In fact, I can't speak for everyone, but I think I'm pretty normal ;) haha

The reason I bring all this up is simply because this weekend is our faith's semi-annual world wide conference. As a religion, we are addressed by our prominent religious leaders and counseled, taught, and uplifted. We are also given any new/recent revelations. Is anyone curious what all the hype is this year? This morning it was announced that rather than young men having to wait until their 19 years old to serve missions, and girls at 21 years old, they've changed it so that guys can go out at 18 and girls at 19. 
This. Is. Huge.
Here is my favorite face in the audience:


Can I just say how jealous I am P.S? If I were 2 years younger and not married.... 
Anywho I want to make a formal invitation that if anyone wants to really know what we believe, you do not have to be a member to watch the conference or listen. It's open to all. So if your curiosity is strong enough, feel free to do so HERE

I appreciate all of my followers, and I appreciate you humoring me with this post. If I lost a few followers for breaking the Blogger taboo and bringing up religion, or because you realized wait, she's Mormon? then so be it. I in no way mean to preach or rant, I just think that as a people no matter what we all believe, we should try harder to tolerate one another as friends, rather than being divided by faith or discrimination. 

I hope you guys are having an AWESOME weekend! Big news to come soon!

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