Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Hormone Guide

There is no secret within my family that I am the most emotional person know to man kind. If milk is spilled, I will cry for hours over it (and have...). Secret's out. I'll be the first to testify that my Husband is Superman for putting up with all he does.

My friend Laura posted this funny little thing on Facebook today:

It was sort of the most brilliant thing I have seen all day.  So, I decided to make one of my own:

I'm thinking this may find its lil tush on our fridge. I hope my hubby finds it as funny as I do :)


  1. The "ultra safe" column cracks me up!

  2. So cute!!!! I can so relate to the emotional thing! Lately I have been crying over all of the Publix commercials! I think I need one of these for my fridge too.

  3. Haha.. This is funny, but true! I may have to do my own version too!


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