Saturday, November 17, 2012

This girl is featured in some giveaways!

Hey all! Who doesn't love a giveaway?!

Check out my prize plus many more at the giveaway over at The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart, and enter like it's going out of style! 
What have I offered up to the blogger goddesses you ask?

I'm offering a hand drawn original portrait (a $50+ value) (wait... this girl draws? Why yes, yes I do... or try to at least!). Plus there are so many awesome ladies offering up some goodies as well!

I'm also being featured over at Aunie Sauce:

Why yes, Thanksgiving just got a whole lot better :)


  1. How much do you charge to make a blog button for someone?

    1. Hey Briana!
      I only charge $5 a button, so it's not the biggest prize in the world... but who could say no to Olive Garden?! It's carb heaven! haha


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