Thursday, January 10, 2013

Frisked and Frisky

So, we went to California for Christmas to visit Ryan's family. It was quite the adventure, and one I won't soon forget. 
We spent Doomsday at six flags, ate the NASTIEST low-carb ice-cream known to mankind,
(I was burping up low-carb cardboard flavor all night! First cone I've ever thrown away.)

had Christmas Eve (12:15 a.m. so technically Christmas day) mourning the loss of Ryan's incredible grandfather (after being a quadriplegic for 23 years mind you) and met many wonderful extended friends and family at his funeral and viewing a week later. 

We attended Ryan's (babe) ex-girlfriends wedding, (who breaks the stereotype of ex-girlfriends by actually being super awesome haha), for our 5 month anniversary.

(Photo cred: Papa Stratford)

Topping it all off with getting frisked in the LAX airport on the way home.

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that it is still possible to board an airplane without ID! This was especially a relief to me as I stood in the LAX airport at 7am rushing to hop on a plane back to Rexburg for school and work!

The bad news is it is NOT easy. Especially if you happen to have NOTHING else with your name on it.

I realized just as we loaded up the car to leave that my Drivers License was no where to be found. Panicked, I attempted calling the LAX airport for an hour with no prevail.

Here’s the fun part: Got to the airport, said I had no ID. They looked at me like they'd seen a ghost! Then they asked where it was.  If I knew, I would have had it with me! I was pulled aside and waited for a security officer to come. He made a few calls and asked me some questions like where my SS card was registered, and what my address was before I was married (like I remember haha), where I attend school which happens to be BYU-Idaho, basically the most non-terrorist school ever. We can't even wear capris on campus, I'm not about to bering a bomb on a plane! haha. 
They asked if I had any credit cards, and naturally the only one I had had my husbands name on it, so they asked where my husband was.... uhhh.... he left me to catch the flight? (which he did.) but that didn't look very good. I had no billing statements with my name on them (shame on me for not bringing those on my vacation! haha) but DID have a prescription bottle. The only problem was the prescription bottle had my married name, and the flight ticket had my maiden name. Finally I passed the test, and all criminal-like in my sweat pants and hipster glasses, I was escorted through security, patted all up and down in places I don't EVA wanna be touched, and feeling pretty cool, barefoot in LAX, they wiped down everything in my carry on to check for explosives.
 As the officer wiped down some for-married-people's-eyes-only items (mental note to NEVER pack those it a carry-on again) I jokingly said to the officer "I'll bet you learn waaaay more than you want to know about people in this profession! ha. ha. ha." Not even a hint of a smile. 
I guess when people are examining you for terrorist activity, you probably shouldn't be cracking jokes. 

Though the officer looked at every item and dust particle in my bag, and ironically seemed to overlook the only hi-jacking worthy object in there: exacto blades I accidentally packed with some drawing pencils! I certainly was not about to point them out. haha

Long story short. if you don't have ID, you are probably a terrorist. 
Pack ID. 
Pack extra ID. 
Don't lose your ID, and you will get through an airport just fine :) 

In other news, BACHELOR ANYONE?! Call me a girl, but I love it.

I had to put myself in time out for missing the premier, but I watched it online last night and la-la-la-looooved it! Oddly enough though, I haven't found a girl I am really rooting for. When it comes to my Sean-sky, I am very picky and sadly the cutest girl on there is obviously this seasons Beezy. Not too pleased about that. 

And this girl: 

Too much, too much. Not to mention psycho-50-shades-of-grey girl! SO glad she didn't get very far.

 Casey coming back?! 

PLOT-TWISTER! I actually think that I am rooting for her the most! haha Needless to say, you can find me perched in front of the tube every monday night from here on out! 

Happy Thursday all! Here's to girly shows, airport security, and the hardest semester to date.

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