Monday, January 14, 2013

How cold is too cold?

Rexburg. Short and sweet. 
It is WAY too cold when frost develops on the door nob INSIDE of the house, and you wake up to a power outage.

Then again, it is city wide power outages that postpone classes for 4 hours, which I'm not complaining about. Not gonna lie, when I received the emergency text from the University imploring student to come to the BYU-Idaho conference center for warmth, I felt a tinge like the end of this world was coming. haha But then I crawled back under the covers and all was forgiven... minus the no heat thing.

To my family that lives in Arizona and California, feel the wrath of my jealousy! haha

Momma needs a heated blanket and is gladly accepting donations :)

A happy and warm monday to all!


  1. Oh brrrr girl! You have got to get out of rexburg!

  2. I'm in Michigan, although it isn't THIS cold, I am still freezing my little booty off so I feel your pain! Hang in there love!

    This Lovely Little Day

    1. Kellene, Right?! Don't those weather reports in California regarding their "freezing" 50 degree weather crack you up? I have heard Michigan is a trip!

  3. I'm in Winnipeg, Canada and we get those temps on a regular basis and lower in the winter! But with a power outage... yuck!

  4. I feel your pain! Our heating broke this weekend & it was FREEZING. Literally, our heating broke because the boiler froze, haha!


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