Saturday, February 23, 2013

Good News and Bad News told in a series of GIF's

So here's the deal.
I have good news and bad news. Actually a lot of it.... but let's start with today:

This morning I got on the computer thinking it's about time my praxis score from January has been posted and it's the moment of truth; pass or fail.
I open my score to see I PASSED!!!! And above average at that! I was ELATED! 
And may have done a little of this:

and this:

and a lot of this: 

Because every good victory dance involves fine hip thrusting...

Now, husband and I have been all over the place on what our living arrangements are going to be like in the fall. I have to student teach, and Ryan is in school, or will do an internship. It's kinda frustrating because our futures depend on other people's choices. It sucks not knowing what to plan for, and knowing that there's nothing more you can do to change the cards. I was awaiting my student teaching assignment, and Ryan is awaiting internship decisions. Either way, things were looking grim. Here's the thing, Ryan gets to choose where he interns (roughly). He seeks out companies, interviews, and knocks their socks off. Me, not so much. I have 4 choices. I can student teach in Idaho (local placement), Salt Lake Utah area, Las Vegas area, or Mesa AZ area. 4 options, and 3 that would result in either my husband having to put off school and move somewhere with me for 4 months, or worst case scenario, us living in separate states for 4 months. I was able to choose 3 top priorities and one had to be out of state, even if you are married. So naturally, I chose the school district we live in, the school district a half hour away, and one other school I was most impressed with which happened to be in Mesa, AZ. I interviewed and yesterday the assignments started to come.... but not mine. 

So I call the student teaching office and asked if I'd been assigned yet, and they they said that I hadn't been placed yet and were all, "You'll just have to wait..." : 

 photo tumblr_lqrcdqk17y1qebfklo1_500_zps8a96e72a.gif

and I was like: 

 photo tumblr_lpmsl74xtl1qc59fmo1_500-1_zpseb461741.gif

(Quick Insert: I don't know why my font went to all-caps here, I apologize)
 Ultimately they said they had the power to assign all the way up to the week before. So I told them the situation and they assured me that they obviously try their best to place locally for married couples so that they do not have to be separated...

I waited patiently and later today I saw a message in my e-mail. Subject line: "Student Teaching Placement"

With much anticipation, I opened the e-mail.
My reaction went a little something like this:

 photo tumblr_mgqhwj0xcj1r1mr1po1_400_zps9fb7f824.gif

Then this:

It wasn't pretty. 

Here's what I read:

Translation: I'm moving to Arizona. Husband is not. Army wives, I don't know how you do it, but I do NOT want to be tucking myself into bed every night.

Husband came to get me after work and was all:

 I told him what happened and naturally we agreed that,

In my opinion, if you are married they shouldn't assign you to student teach states away. Try to place me locally, my rear!

Student teaching office,


Every time I open my e-mail, the subtle reminder of 4 month separation from my husband is there. again and again and again.

And on top of the separation, paying two rents does not sound appealing nor plausible. So, if you live in Mesa and want to offer your couch to a hip-thrusting homeless me for 4 months, hit me up.

In the mean time, heads are gonna roll!

At least I passed the Praxis :)


  1. Oh no! Congratulations on the test though! I actually live near the Mesa area! I hope everything works out!

  2. Thats terrible :(
    but your post is seriously hilarious
    regardless...we can go torch the ed department.

  3. this is the saddest yet funniest post ever. at least your kinda laughing in your sadness..i mean. this SUCKS.
    praying that all will work out and you wont be homeless in arizona away from hubs. why people gotta be cray?


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