Saturday, February 9, 2013

Glasses, Oh Glasses.

Hey Ladies!
So it's confession corner over here, are you ready?

I don't actually wear prescription eyeglasses (minus minor reading glasses). GASP! The glasses in that picture to the right are totally fashion glasses from Urban Outfitters and I'm not ashamed one bit :) In fact, I have a fatty crush on huge framed glasses because on bad hair or make-up days, they pull all the attention to their funny selves. The element of distraction is a beautiful thing.

Husband and I were talking the other day about how glad we were that neither of us needed glasses because they can be so expensive! Then we got talking about our future bebes and I began wondering; Three of my brothers have glasses and my dad has glasses.... who's to say I will never have to buy glasses in the future!

I began looking at online eyeglasses (because I have nothing better to do than shop online for something I don't need yet haha) and have found a gem; possibly the cheapest glasses online. So, all you glasses wearers (whom I was totally jealous of when I was little because gosh-dangit, you just look so sauve...) I have a treat for you!
With the help of GlassesUSA, bring in the coupon codes! is giving a discount on their (already inexpensive) frames for you lovely readers!!!!

Take 30% off frames [with single-vision Value Lens Package] + FREE shipping (*"premium" frames excluded*) by using the code: EYECANDY30 during your checkout.

30%+free shipping! That's awesome. 
So if you're in need of some sassy frames, check em out! They even have retro glasses which totally tickles my fancy!

For your entertainment, below is a virtual mirror where you can check out some of the available frames. Thank you technology! haha

Now don't have too much fun ;)

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