Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Claim to Fame.

Let the record show that I don't consider myself a professional blogger, or even a particular talented, funny, or deliciously retro writer in the least, but everyone loves the spotlight right?
 Just a little?

I just got a phone call from my mom excitedly stating that my dad was reading the Deseret News paper that is delivered to our house weekly and said,"oh look, there's our daughter in this article..." haha As if that happens everyday or something! 
You can see my feature in the article "How Bloggers Make Money" written my the lovely and talented Kylie Lewis! Disclaimer: I'm the novice money-maker, not the full-income hot shot, so don't take anything I said as scripture! Funny thing is, I actually have the cookbook created by the first bloggers interviewed in the article, I'm such a giddy fan.
 Enjoy the article HERE

And I'll try to remember all of you little people when I'm in the New York Times someday ;)
 Juuuust kidding! It's so funny because after I read this article online a few weeks ago, I don't think I've written on my blog since! Mention a persons name in print and suddenly they get a big bad case of blogger stage fright. My name is Valerie, and I'm scared of spiders, gaining 100 lbs when pregnant, and blogging :) It's whatever. 

And also... did I ever tell you about that time I had a stare-down with a goat on the freeway? 

Alright, that's enough, Valerie. Back to the books. (repeat after me: three weeks, three weeks, three weeks...)

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog! Super fun!! And congrats on the shout out!! I'll for sure be stopping by again!

    Third Floor Design Studio

    Oh p.s. LOVE the How I Met Your Mother reference. :)


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