Saturday, April 20, 2013

DIY side tables

So a million years ago we snagged these old side tables at a yard sale with the intention of re-doing them and then, there they sat.... and sat... and sat....

With a week break before school (yes, I have 2 more classes, psych!) and work start back up, I thought I'd use one of those days to re-do these side tables. Silly, silly, Valerie. 1 day turned into 5 and almost a week of sanding, painting, and varnishing later, they are done!!!

So much sanding....

and painting...

and varnishing... and then it rained.

and here we are 5 days and 15-20 movies later :)
It's true what they say: when you do it yourself you really do appreciate it more!

For the very, very beginners, here are the main points I followed:
1. The varnish was Minwax stain+ polyurethane. That poly-yadda-yadda stuff seals the wook from the elements and gives it a nice glossy finish. I used about 3 coats to make the color a little darker.
2. I did just paint right on top of the wood without sanding it all off. That will probably come back and bite me in the rump later, but for time-reasons I just roughed the surface up really fast with some sandpaper and called it good :) 
3. To get that matte professional finish, I got the most satin, non-gloss paint possible. I also purchased a color that was not stark white, otherwise it would make our walls look dingy. The color was eggshell... or white sand... or something fancy like that. haha I also sponge painted it on in multiple layers so that it was not perfectly smooth. 

Overall, it was worth it, but I reeeaaallly appreciated it when it was over! haha

Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm a Big Kid Now

The deed is done.


Bask in the glory of night-time pho-tog.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This about sums it up.

It's finals week, and I'm all "Let's do this" and by stomach is like, "How about not. Let's throw up instead", and my body is all, " how about I make you feel like throwing up, but really, it's not happening", and I'm like, "Come on guys, we're all adults; work something out, because this is getting old." ... And they are like.... "No." 

But the end is in sight. Finals tomorrow, family comes thursday, walk for graduation Friday, lil bro goes through the Temple for the first time Saturday, Wyoming Sunday/Monday.

And my man is bringing me the processed cheesy goodness, so yea. Let's do this.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Garage: The Clothing Addiction of an Overworked College Student

That's right, I said it. I think I am overworked. And by overworked, I really just mean burnt out. Graduation cannot come fast enough!!! Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a few weeks... I don't know if I get internet in the deep crevices of finals and endless woe. Just Kidding :) (but really...)
(here's that go-to finals picture that I post basically every semester :)

Now it's confession time. It's odd, but I've noticed that I rarely buy new clothes since I was married. This is something I noticed in my own mother early on; why waste money on clothes when there are more pressing bills to be paid and mouths to feed? I'll admit though, I NEVER thought that bug would bite a shop-o-holic like myself. All the same, something I do find myself doing to make up for the loss is pouring precious time over wide world of internet shopping. (just with my eyes, rarely with monies.) 

Still, it subdues the craving. My latest obsession you ask? 
I found them via Facebook and am hooked. Not only are their clothes the bomb-diggity, but I love the refreshing photography and ad campaign they have going. Call it the graphic designer deep within me, but they've got it going on. Check them out here
So much cute, retro, and hippity-hoppity goodness. 
Also, I've noticed something that I never thought would be, and yet, I like it! High-waisted shorts. If I could wear them, I would. Who's with me?!

I think it's safe to say without knocking on wood, that Spring is here!