Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Garage: The Clothing Addiction of an Overworked College Student

That's right, I said it. I think I am overworked. And by overworked, I really just mean burnt out. Graduation cannot come fast enough!!! Don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a few weeks... I don't know if I get internet in the deep crevices of finals and endless woe. Just Kidding :) (but really...)
(here's that go-to finals picture that I post basically every semester :)

Now it's confession time. It's odd, but I've noticed that I rarely buy new clothes since I was married. This is something I noticed in my own mother early on; why waste money on clothes when there are more pressing bills to be paid and mouths to feed? I'll admit though, I NEVER thought that bug would bite a shop-o-holic like myself. All the same, something I do find myself doing to make up for the loss is pouring precious time over wide world of internet shopping. (just with my eyes, rarely with monies.) 

Still, it subdues the craving. My latest obsession you ask? 
I found them via Facebook and am hooked. Not only are their clothes the bomb-diggity, but I love the refreshing photography and ad campaign they have going. Call it the graphic designer deep within me, but they've got it going on. Check them out here
So much cute, retro, and hippity-hoppity goodness. 
Also, I've noticed something that I never thought would be, and yet, I like it! High-waisted shorts. If I could wear them, I would. Who's with me?!

I think it's safe to say without knocking on wood, that Spring is here!


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  2. So sorry your are tired! But spring should help! ;-)
    Your newest follower,


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