Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life and It's Frailties.

There are constant reminders surrounding us daily of the fragility of life. I'll admit that I am the there's no milk for my cereal; FML, self absorbed type of person that it usually take a tornado, hurricane, or someone I know personally to be faced with something terminal in order for that concept to really reach home. 

As good, funny, or atrocious things usually do, I ran across something going viral on the book of faces (facebook, ya get it?) the other day. I started watching. The length was a lil daunting (23 min? Really? Surely there is some important pint of ice cream begging to be eaten that I could use this time assisting.) But alas, I was glued. The message was beautiful, the person was even more so. 

Ya know what gets me the most about death? 
I can't help but think after every passing day, woah... yesterday that person was alive... 2 days ago that person was checking their Facebook... a week ago that person was eating dinner with their family.... It is just so surreal to me. What were their last thoughts? Did they know it was coming? Did they get to say goodbye? Who did they leave behind to survive the Hell that is life without them? 

And then I get sad; sad thinking about the nightmare their loved ones are currently going through. Sometimes I even cry on their behalf. We'll blame the birth control for that impulse.

Here's the video I ran across. If you have 22 minutes, you can share the sweet, gratitude filled, empathetic, WHYYYY-are-the-good-the-first-to-go?! experience that I had.

Papa Stratford, make a note of this: when I die, and you are 103 and still kicking, I want you to make a sweet video montage in my honor to leave my loved ones (or 30 cats.... however fate would have it.)

Have a good night guys! As for me, I think I will pray for Grace.

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