Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I will be the first to admit that I el-sucko at el-photoshop-o. Period. I'm even taking a digital illustration class right now where we learn photoshop and still, every time I stumble across something that works, I do just that; stumble. I can never reproduce anything, and unless someone is asking me how to create a new layer, they'd better not hold their breath for any help from me! 

I have a small blog required for my class that shows my work, if you are curious to see the progression, but consider yourself warned! And don't you dare follow that blog because heaven knows, who needs that kind of pressure! (ya know? It's a mom zone only ;)

Even though I'm pretty primevil when it comes to my photoshop and graphic design skills, you can frequently find me drooling over the keyboard at all things related to them. It's not that I don't want to be able to do that stuff, there's just so much to learn! There's a reason people get degrees in that shiz.

And DON'T even get me started on photography! Who doesn't' want to be a photographer? Heaven knows it would save boatloads of money from family photos not to mention even being able to rake in a little money on the side! And even though I have a good camera, and the photoshop applications, and what I'd like to think is a fair eye for style (ok... make sure the subject is in the photo...) still, I just can't get that it factor. Lucky for me, I've found the trick. I think :)

Actions my friends. Actions. A word I've heard so many times but never really understood. It's basically the meat and potatoes to pho-tog, am  I right?
Tonight I actually figured out how to apply an action to a photo. (primitive, remember?)

And a monster was born.
 Like everything else in photoshop, I stumbled upon it...

A little surprised at first, until I realized what I had done!!!

And I felt like a genius-champion-of-the-world.


Now all you well-seasoned photographers, graphic designers, and digital artist are silently judging me. But frankly my dears, I'm too stoked to care. I went a little action cray-cray up in here and it's been glorious. Here's the thing though: I gotta buy dem actions, cause heaven knows I aint makin dem.

And they are pricey.
Which is why I am giving all you newcomers to photoshop my newly discovered slice o'heaven.
My favorite photography business just happens to have come out with a set of actions via etsy, and you can get them 5 of them for -wait for iiiiit- $5!

They are  fresh and simple which is what this girl likes. (Because people cannot think I don't actually look this good in real life!!!)

I did a tester sample for you to compare:

And YOU, yes YOU can snag these actions as well here!

Happy editing :)


  1. I would love to get photoshop eventually. It seems overwhelming though... ps you are a BABE

  2. Thanks! It is way hard, but I'm sure once you are bomb.com at it, it's worth it! I heard they are changing it so that you have to pay a year by year subscription to use photoshop, I think CS6 is the last one they were coming out with. Girl you gotta hop on that!!! haha (late b-day present?!)


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