Sunday, June 16, 2013

Prepare For Picture Overload

To the dad who taught me "it takes two to fight".

To the dad that believes quality is more important than quantity,

To the dad who taught me if you want it, you earn it, and knows how to get his hands dirty,

To the dad who rode his bike 14 miles to and from work everyday, so that I could drive his 1991 toyota pick up a half mile to school that way I wouldn't have to walk in the dark, the cold, and in my own personal teenage embarrassment,

To the dad who could fix anything and everything. Oatmeal in the VCR? No sweat. Suspicious clunking in the car? Got it covered. Hardwood floors in the kitchen? Consider it done, 

To the dad who took me on daddy-daughter date nights,

To the dad who bleeds blue for BYU,

To the dad who taught me responsibility, but left me in want/ need of nothing,

(Nice wedgie Natalie! haha)

To the dad who knew just what to say,

To the dad who went to bed hours after everyone, and woke up hours before,

To the dad who knew when to be a parent, when to be a dictator, when to be a counselor, when to be a listener, and when to be a friend,

To the father who knew how to be silly, and successfully raised 4 missionaries serving in 4 different continents, taught and guided an businessman, web designer, engineer, art teacher, accountant, and aspiring photographer, was a father to one bride, and one groom, and a husband to one smoking hott Lay-daaaay,

To the dad who cannot make it through an entire movie without falling asleep,

To the dad whom I've never heard swear,  gossip, or undermine,

To the dad who taught me through his example, that real men cook, clean, kiss their wives when they get home from work, read to the kids, pray, change diapers, never yell at their wives, put God first... and wear thick nerdy glasses :)

To the dad who doesn't take sick days, ever,

To the dad who never acted un-excited to receive a tie and mixed nuts from just about every child for every birthday, Father's day, and Christmas,

To the father who is just as doting of a grandfather as he is a father, 

To the dad who was a horse, a gardner, a superhero, a genius, a math tutor, a blanket monster, a basketball player, a religious leader, a patriarch, a monster slayer, and bread-winner,

I love you!


To the papa who is a photographer, videographer, band groupie, accountant and straight-up bad-A,

To the papa who knows his mexican food, 

To the papa who's raised 3 missionaries, and 3 more to come,

To the papa who's always up to date on the latest technology, business, and trends,

To the papa who goes big or goes home, 

To the papa who taught my own husband to be the kind of man he is, through his own example,

To the papa who is one of the kids (and funny as I'll get out!),

To the papa who's never short of guidance, experience, and advice,

To the papa who gave my man his good looks and bold eyebrows,  

To the first papa I've had in addition to my own,

I love you!


  1. oh my gosh Ryan looks just like his dad!!

  2. I know! Its freaky really, they were identical as toddlers!

  3. This is so sweet! Buuutttt, your dad can still scare the pants off me any day.


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