Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I need a break, I need a va-ca-tion.

Knowing it may be a while until I get to be home again, last week I hitched a ride, traveled home to Spokane to surprise the family and to see my brother give his mission farewell talk... only to come home to an empty house!

Yes. The family campout that only happens once a year happened to be the weekend I chose to surprise my family. Ironically, this exact same thing happened when I went home to surprise my family last year! Better luck next time? haha 

Nonetheless, it was nice having just some me-and-my-house bonding time. I soaked up the nastalgia. Walking from room to room noticing the plants that had been re-potted, the new decor delicately placed, smelling the throw pillows, shuffling through the drawers... normal stuff, right? I think the longer you stay away from home, the less you remember that you miss it.

Eventually that family came home and all was well. My siblings and I watched movies, my mom and I went shopping, myself and I relaxed. Glorious. 

My little brother gave a wonderful farewell talk, customary before serving a 2-year mission for our church.

And after a long 4th of July weekend, I'm back in Rexburg and already researching vacation spots. Clearly I enjoyed my break a little bit too much!
 What's that future vacation rental? You think I should probably drop out of school and become a coconut sculptor on the half Dutch, half French island of Cupecoy in St Maarten, situated 200 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico? I really like the collection of villa rentals listed on Rental Escapes"

...Well... If you say so :)

If you need me, I'll be on the beach.


  1. Oh, our family was in St. Maarten last November. We were on a cruise, so we didn't have much time there and only took a quick tour of the island. It's funny that the island is half Dutch and half French, because all the signs on the Dutch side are in English and on the French side, some are in English and some are in French. I hadn't heard of Cupecoy, so I looked it up. Apparently they have a nude beach there. ;-) St. Maarten/Martin is beautiful, and of all the islands we visited, it would be the easiest place to vacation -- They have an international airport, everyone speaks English, most places even take US$, and they seem to have more development and less poverty than the other islands. Our favorite beach was in Barbados, and our favorite island overall was St. Lucia. St. Kitts was a close second. The beach we visited there had monkeys! :-)

  2. OH my goodness! As if I didn't need convincing enough! That's it. We now have a St. Marteen vacation change jar :)


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