Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Coraleeisms Part 1

So apparently when you student teach you are busy writing lessons, planning units, sucking at blogging, and teaching kids and stuff. Who knew?! There is, however, something I have found I always have time for: Coraleeisms. What's that you say? They are the funny statements that one of the little ladies I live with comes up with. 3-year-olds have the deepest insights. Seriously though. Anywho, I've coined the term "Coraleeisms" after the sveet leetle jeenius herself, Coralee. 

Theeeeere she is :)

In order to better represent them, I've began illustrating them in a way of my own inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. So with much satisfaction, I present to you Coraleeisms Part 1:

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