Friday, November 29, 2013

Student Teaching as Told by GIFS

I am an easy, skeezy, GIF over-user and dang proud of it. It's for that reason I can see no better way to sum up my student teaching (and basic teaching) experiences than in a series of GIFs! So, all you teachas in da cluuub, please stand up and give a holla of agreement if any of what I am about to express is at all accurate. If you are a teacher, you have probably experienced one or more of these situations:

When a student raises their hand, and then says "Never mind, it's a dumb question..." You, as their educator and cheerleader just wanna say:

Then they say the question, and you... well....

 When students get mad at you for: assigning homework, showing them they received a poor grade, trying to help them, not letting them go to the bathroom, telling them to sit down, breathing their air and heaven knows what else and they say "Hey, I thought we were friends!"

Or better, when they try to friend you on facebook: 

 Whenever students quote a Youtube video, or mention Slender Man, the new Call of Duty, Minecraft, or Vines, I, in all 22 years of my prehistoric existence say:

Basically every Monday morning, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Really, Tuesdays are the only safe days of the week. OR when a student asks if "this" is ok on their artwork when it's  clear they must not know which end of the pencil was for drawing:

When you present a new lesson you have spent forever and a day preparing and think it is just has to be the greatest thing they have ever laid their eyes on since sliced bread: 

When students say "But Mrs. Stratford, it's the weekend!"

When you are grading a REALLY easy test, your reaction after every wrong question is:

Then when most of the class bombs it, you come to terms with the fact that you, in fact, have failed; not them.

When the principle asks you if you will be in charge of an after school club or extracurricular activity, or even better, take on an extra morning/afternoon duty shift. 

When you let the students choose their own seating chart, get out paint, or let them do anything involving scissors and glue:

 When you tell students to write their name on their paper:

Every time you overhear the latest middle school gossip:

When a student asks to go to the restroom right after the bell rings:

When you hear someone receive a text message during class:

 When a new student adds your class in the middle of the semester:

 When a student in the hall says "Wait, you're a teacher? I thought you were just another student. How old are you?" 

When one of your 8th grade students proposes to you... 
or says pretty much anything else you really just cannot believe left their mouth:

 When you leave the room for 30 seconds to get a new bottle of paint and come back to all sorts of what on earth have you all done?:

 When a student sasses you, and you just can't help but sass them right back (because, you know, you're a professional):

When you tell the students you are leaving, and they legitimately seem sad about it, and write you goodbye cards of tender innocent goodness:

 When you are DONE with student teaching:

Heaven knows I could go all night, but for now I think this just about sums it up! There are so many wonderful things to be thankful for this season. As for me, I'm thankful to be living with my husband again and to be done with student teaching FOREVER!!!


  1. not that i'm a student or a teacher, therefore definitely not a student teacher, but this was THE BEST thing. I enjoyed all of it & greatly appreciate the time you put into finding the perfect gifs. they are hilarious.

  2. Haha these gifs are so perfect! I can just imagine that's how teachers feel!

  3. You are the GIF queen. I feel like I can relate to all of theses as an assistant teacher. SPOT ON.

  4. Holla! From a fellow teacher : ) Erin

  5. Ok so one day you should definetely guest post this on my blog (Preferably while I am also in the midst of my student teaching days - all 14 weeks of them ) My 'I immediately regret this decision' is the LET'S GET THE GLITTER OUR and then I remember that I thought they had much more self control than they actually do.

    Tash @

    1. Girl, I so would love to! You just say when :) haha
      Right? I love teaching, but that was the longest 20 weeks of my life. And A-to-the-MEN about the glitter. I've ruled a no-glitter policy in my classrooms for the rest of, oh, ever.


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