Friday, April 11, 2014

Hello Again, Let's Talk About Why I've Been Ignoring You.

Let's be honest. I've been avoiding you.

It's not that I don't care, it's just that I've been so underwhelmed here on vaca, that the thought of writing anything overwhelms me. That, and my life is about as interesting as dust collecting on the window sill.

Alas, I will update everyone on my latest obsession, which if you follow me on the Insta-gram or the Facebook you will probably have already seen enough of. Even so, here it is.

About a year ago I painted a calendar. And I loved it to pieces. I had the intent of framing each month in a simple and sleek black document frame from la dolla store, and to then create a gallery wall in my living room. Then, school caught up to me, I didn't have the digital design experience to fine tune it, and the year passed. Next thing I knew, my calendar was out of date and I had moved out of my beloved apartment in the ventures of higher educational requirements (aka student teaching.) 

With a move back to said apartment in Rexburg in about a week, and still I had these designs I painted over a year ago that I was not quite ready to part with. What to do with them was the question. The dates on the pages were for 2013, and frankly I wanted to use the floral scenes I'd painted for more than just a calendar. 

So, I put those bad boys into Photoshop and got rid of the old calendar dates, and played around with fonts. The possibilities were endless. Name placement cards, Table labels, invites, Calendars, handouts, quote backgrounds... call me conceited, but I've been loving these designs more and more. With a little help from google, I've managed to turn the various paintings into Microsoft Word header templates, PDF documents, and jpegs, and decided... hey, maybe I'm not the only one who may be attracted to this idea.

With that being said, I've decided to offer these designs with the digital downloadable files in my Valpo Studio Esty shop. 

With these templates, YOU can customize the page however you'd like, in the medium you prefer (ie word, photoshop, hand written, Picmonkey, etc.)

And if you really wanna be a pal, you'll help me spread the word! (What's that? You can pin the image to Pinterest by clicking on it? How conveeenient!)

To celebrate the event, I'm also giving you a free May 2014 calendar page (Using a not-yet-in-the-shop template!). Just drag to desktop and print :) As soon as I can figure out all that technical download bid-ness, we'll get an official download going. Or you can e-mail me and I'll send you the file. That works too.

I hope you love them as much as me, my mom, and my computer.
Happy Creating!

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