Sunday, May 18, 2014

I Solemnly Swear That I am Up to... Partying!

A lot of people were/are Harry Potter fans, this is a fact. I grew up with the man. When the first movie came out and Harry turned 11, I was 11. I learned the spells, read the books, counted down the days until the movies came out on DVD. During the production of the Goblet of Fire, I'd come home from school and look for leaked pictures of the filming online. I participated in a virtual Tri-wizard tournament.  The more I write the more I can see my readers diminishing, but I am not ashamed. I freaking love all things Harry Potter. My husband doesn't know this yet, but he's planning a surprise trip to the Wizarding world of Harry Potter at Orlando Studios for our 5 year anniversary.

I'm getting sidetracked.

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to throw a Harry Potter themed party-to recreate the wizarding world, and by golly I've done it!

My main slice is turning 25 this week, and supposedly he is the ultimate potter fan. This was to be determined. All week I hid prepared treats and lied my way into making sure he'd be gone all day saturday, and with the help of his friend Matt, the surprise was unveiled!

I had too much fun planning this mother down to every small detail.

I spared you the picture of my toilet, but with in came directions to the Ministry of Magic. Because... duh.

First had a little photo op and embraced out inner Sirius Black. AWESOME.

Followed by LOTS of eating:

 Pumpkin pasties: Pumpkin choco chip cookies (one pumpkin bread mix, 1/2 cup yogurt, 2 eggs, chocolate!) Snitches: Lindor truffles in gold foil. Chocolate frogs: Gummy frogs dipped in chocolate!

Cockroach clusters: Chocolate covered popcorn. Moon stones: Rock candy. Gringotts galleons: Chocolate coins.
Polyjuice potion: Dr Pepper (naturally.) Truth serum: Water
Butterbeer: Cream soda, marshmallow cream, whipped cream (and one scalded tongue later...)

I even attempted to make homemade butterbeer on the stove, and it sucked. And burned my tongue. I may not taste real food for weeks. But everything else was WICKED ;)

After, we went to the sorting hat. Naturally. Matt's wife had to work so he was flying solo. He survived. haha

 Alex and Grant weren't too thrilled about being in Hufflepuff. Apparently that's where those with no defining characteristics go. Ryan was a little too stoked about Slytherin. My bad-boy!

After some Harry Potter Jeopardy (which Matt and Ryan pulled through for the win at the end) We decided to get our Quidditch on. Ya know, just a little evening fly around the yard. The technical term for this is "Pottering" and it's epic. Look it up, it's a real thing.

 To end, we played a game of chance called "Bean-Boozled".

Basically for every color of Jelly bean there are two flavors, one good and one bad. You spin a spinner and then pick the color it lands on. You could be picking up a peach jelly bean, or vomit (which I tried and it is worse then real vomit, I promise.) Nothing like a little Bertie Botts to set the mood. We caught a few videos to really immortalize the experience :)

(and for the record, even though I said boogers taste better than that jelly bean, I really don't know for sure! haha)

Mischief managed :)

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