Friday, October 10, 2014

Let's Talk Business and Get Noticed

I don't pretend to be a business guru by any means, but when it comes to my Etsy shop I will admit I've been quite busy as of late. Etsy is one of many wonderful outlets for all those who have that fire to create, and to also receive a lil dinero on the side as a perk. The only thing is, it seems like errbody and their dog has an Etsy account... so how can one person really stand out?

For this reason I've come up with a series of 3 tips to have success with your Etsy store.

Before I begin, I will admit that even I am not the best and following through with all of these factors, it takes some time you know! Even so, I know they are effective and worth knowing if you hope to make your Etsy store less of a hobby and more of a side income, and I am confident that if your follow through with these tips, you will experience tremendous success!

1. BRAND. Create a name for your store, a logo, and use it on anything and everything! The more you can show that baby off, the more advertising you are producing. More than that, there is something very satisfying about a store that is consistent. It's more professional, and frankly... you look legit. A few places to throw this brand on are:

Notepads (for personalized thank you notes with purchase)
Business cards
Esty Store Front
E-mail Signatures

There are a lot of different places you can purchase, customize, and order these bad boys. I am biased and am not discrete about my LOVE for, so that is where I go for my branding needs. They have beautiful and trendy pre-made designs for those who are not as digital-design saavy, and also offer customizable cards for those who are! I chose cards that folded down so that they would stand out against any other business card in one's wallet, and I throw one of these in with every shipped order!

You can also get any other business materials you could possibly want while you are at it, which I love.

2. ADVERTISE AND ENGAGE. I've heard that in order to really be effective in engagement, you must reach your customers through at least 3 social media sites, and posting on them each at least twice a week. That means having an account for your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogger, and more! Share pictures of your products in use by happy customers, offer deals exclusively for these social media followers, send personal messages to fans. Make viewers want to follow each facet, and as they do, they will be reminded of your company and it's products daily! Most importantly, this gives you a chance to show your customers that there is a human just like them behind the business! On top of this, it doesn't hurt to follow businesses who have the audience you want to reach, and to observe what they do to have success.

3. CREATE AN AMAZING PRODUCT. I will admit that I've had some items that I couldn't sell for the life of me, and others that sold themselves! When you have an amazing product, it will be clear because people will buy it! If people are not buying it, then this means your product is either lost in the hundreds of products just like yours, OR people don't know you are there! That is where #2 previously mentioned becomes increasingly important.

More than anything, do something you love! The love of your product is apparent to viewers just like a teacher who hates their job is apparent to their students.

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