Alright champs, there the deal-io with advertising: It's great. It's so fun to share blogs I love with others, and to get the same in return. While I have limited space, I'd love to share the wealth! So, if you are interested in sharing your world with others through a little ad space, I want to help. 

I, personally, am sporting the I'm-too-poor-to-buy-name-brand-cereal-let-alone-pay-for-ad-space card, as I'm sure are many of you, so let's crack a deal: first step: follow my blog! (it ony makes sense right? I hope if you advertise it, you actually like to read it! haha) Second: If you wanna grab one of my buttons there on the side bar, or would like to see many more I have, shoot me an e-mail! I'm willing to post a button of yours in one of these sizes, if you'd like to do a free little ad swap and post mine as well!

Larger space may negotiate a small fee, or one killer plate of homemade cookies :) 
Does that sound good or what? If so, feel free to contact me here:

Also, here are some different sizes of buttons for you to feel free to grab and share!
Simply copy and paste the code below the photo!