I am a lover of the arts through and through. Raised by an illustrator, art is in my blood. 
Curious about what I do? Here's a mini portfolio of a few ways I pass the time.

I draw...

                                                                 (Yep, That is Jesus himself, I'm a fan.)

Rarely I paint... 

And sometimes I just give people balloon and animal heads, or make collages, just for fun :)

And more recently, I've taken up a little sculpture and pottery!

<-- (This was my first ceramic piece, the head is a lid, the body is a pinch pot.)  

(I did not make the jewelry dish in this photo, but the bunny ring holder in the center I sculpted!) -->

(<--Coil Pot)
                                                                                                                             (Again, the front bird jar is the only thing I made, not the surrounding ceramics)

And Digital illustration:

So what do ya think? 
If you enjoy the drawings, I do customized portraits.
Feel free to take a look-sy at my facebook page. They make pretty unique gifts if I do say so myself! Mention this blog for a 10% discount!
Additionally, please feel free to visit Valpo Studio's Etsy store!
Now go make some art of your own! Everyone has the capacity to create something that has never before existed. As they say, everyone is born an artist, as is apparent through children, some just stop creating. Don't let it be you!